Brookby Farm has been family owned and operated by the Vincent family since the early 1800s. In the 2016, we opened Brookby Dairy and our Farm Store to bring raw milk and the local flavor of the Hudson Valley to you and your family. Being certified by New York State, our farm produces wholesome raw milk, grass-fed beef, milk-fed pork and pasture raised eggs. Our 100% natural farmstead raw milk is bottled fresh every morning, and never contains hormones or antibiotics. To compliment our products, we offer maple syrup, honey, granola, coffee and more, which are sourced from our neighboring farms in the Hudson Valley. We believe that this gives our customers the opportunity to learn and reconnect with their food source in a unique way that allows farmers and local businesses to support each other and to thrive. 


Our Animals

The health and happiness of our cows is very important to us. We have built a symbiotic relationship with our animals over the years.

Our small herd of cows receives the best treatment year round, grazing on the sweet grass of our rotational pastures during the spring, summer, and fall months. Throughout the winter, they enjoy traditional hay and forages that we farm annually in our fields.

And in return, our cows provide us with wholesome raw milk, that is both nutritious and healthy.


Our Mission

We pride ourselves on the care we give our animals, and the environment that we provide them with to enjoy their lives.

We believe in complete transparency and will not compromise when it comes to the health, happiness, and environment of our animals.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, or visit our farm.

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