The Brookby Farm Journey - Eli's Story

The America dream through a child’s eyes is often the dream of operating a simple lemonade stand along the side of the road. Growing up on Brookby Farm, there were many summer days spent living out that dream. All of the kids would work together to create a hand painted sign that said “Lemonade 50 cents” and open up for business on the front steps of Steve and Jaime’s house.

Amongst the kids, it often became a competition to see who could sell the most lemonade. Inevitably this involved us running up and down the lawns that bordered the driveway to bring paper Dixie cups to customers. Of course, by the time we reached the cars it was more like a half-filled cup of lemonade along with sticky lemon hands.

While we grow up and went down our separate paths, one of these young entrepreneurs made their way back to the farm. Eli, Jaime and Steve’s nephew, is a dedicated, hardworking young man whose selfless attitude and positivity brightens the lives of those around him. In addition to working two jobs, most mornings he’s at the farm to help Steve with the morning milking.

He loves his animals dearly, he has two pets, Bruno the cow, and Roxy the pup, which both enjoy the farm life as well. On most summer days, you’ll find Eli and Bruno hanging out together laying under the shade of a tree. His little lady Roxy also enjoys romping around, greeting the chickens, and playing with our dog Beau.

He has an appreciation for the land, animals, and farming, which most don’t have an opportunity to experience. On Brookby Farm it takes a village to hold each other up and build on what our ancestors started to make the lives better for those around us. We’re very fortunate to have him involved and appreciate all of his help.

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