The Brookby Farm Journey - David's Story

For those that do not know me, I am dating the daughter of Steve and Jaime. Unlike the rest of the family, I grew up in the suburbs of Washington DC, so my journey to the farm is a little bit different.

Growing up where I did, my family was disconnected from our food source and cooking our meals often involved the microwave. As I got older, I knew that I wanted to eat healthier and I did strive to seek out higher quality food, but even paying more at Whole Foods did not guarantee that I was getting higher quality food.  

However, my journey to healthy eating changed drastically after I began dating my wonderful girlfriend Elyssa. She helped cut down my bad eating habits, and in the Spring of 2016, she introduced me to her parents farm where she had grown up. Her parents, Steve and Jaime, were milking a small herd of dairy cows, raising pasture beef and raising hens for fresh eggs.

Her family had grown up with access to the food they raised, but for me it changed my life. The milk was easier to digest, the meat was juicier and the eggs were fresher than the food I was able to buy elsewhere. It reinforced the importance of understanding where your food comes from and making a conscious effort to seek it out. As a small scale farm, they do not sacrifice the quality of the food that they eat. I also got the added perk of being able to help out around the farm and hang out with their adorable cows.

It has been amazing to watch their family work so hard this past year to create something truly special here at Brookby Farm. I cannot say enough praise about their work ethic and dedication to producing the best quality food for their family. Steve still works a full time job and is often up by 3 AM to milk their cows, and Jaime makes sure that the whole family operation runs smoothly.

For all of their efforts, they have been able to provide others with access to fresh food directly from the farmer, while supporting other local businesses by selling locally sourced products in their farm store. I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn so much about farming and I cannot thank them enough for that. It has been wonderful to see all that they have accomplished and I am excited to see where they will take Brookby Farm. 

Brookbyfarm farm