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Our Cows

We have a small herd of cows that our land can sustainably support. We milk twenty cows of various breeds such as Brown Swiss, Jersey, Guernsey, Lineback, and Holstein. Each of these breeds of cow bring their own special personalities to build our wonderful family.

Raw Milk Process

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At Brookby Farm, we milk twice a day around 4:30am and 4:15pm.

As we’re a working farm, milking times may vary slightly. If you would like to attend, please call ahead.

Our morning milking begins by placing non-GMO forages at the front of each stall. We then open the barn doors where our lovely cows greet us from the fields. While they’re enjoying their breakfast, we sanitize our equipment and begin our first milking.

Before and after each milking, we wash and sanitize the udders. Although the milking time varies depending on external factors (e.g. weather), milking takes between five to ten minutes per cow. After the milking is complete, our ladies venture back out into the open fields to enjoy the day.

We then wash and sanitize every piece of the milking equipment and the barn, so that everything is prepared for our evening milking.

The last step in our morning routine is to bottle our fresh raw milk. We attach the milk bottling spout to our bulk tank and fill half-gallon and gallon bottles. We place our labels on the bottles then fully stock our refrigerator in the Farm Store.

We value the importance of maintaining high quality standards as it makes for healthy cows and a happy farm.

Award Winning Dairy

We are proud of our milk and humbled to have won several awards that speak to the quality of our milk and our philosophies. 

The Super Milk Award is given by the Empire State Milk Quality Council (ESMQC), recognizing dairy farmers who go above and beyond to meet and exceed high quality and cleanliness standards in New York State.

The Dairy of Distinction Award is bestowed on farms that strive to enhance consumer confidence in the dairy industry, and recognizes the hard work and efforts of all Northeast dairy farmers.